20 June 2017


i've been round the world
just a couple of times
seen heartache and beauty
even witnessed some crimes
my back has been pierced
by a trusted friend's blade
and try as i might
the memory's stayed
seventy times seven
so noble and grand
but hard to walk out
as if i had planned
when words burn like ice
in the hot sleepless night
i think of what's next
if i'm ready to fight
can my heart still believe
as i step on in grace
that love covers all
with a peace from His face
i know what it cost
my own sin and wrong
so i choose Him each stumble
in His strength i'm strong

04 March 2017


Achebe's title resonates in this
fallen world a herald of things
to come like the handle on the
third drawer down or the person
walking out of my life and I
wonder that any of it can
surprise me but inside the
caged bird still serenades
the blue yonder she will
never see and hopes for shadows
yet to come and I place a few
more treasures in the open
kerchief before knotting it
securely to the polished stick
another day another charade
helping lives torched by crises
keeping my peace until the
whistle sounds and my time
here ends though I know not
what dreams may come I sagely
see the hand dealt and trust
He knows each step of my
journey on and while goodbyes
never get easier I choose to
treasure what is good and
leave the rest where it lies 

19 February 2017

when it's raining

i'm smelling woodsmoke
in the air
feeling drops upon my skin
a thousand piercing sensations
remind me of a place i once called home.
how did it come to this
when did i think i could
figure it out
make it work
be loved
the ache in my side
like rainy arthritic pain
but younger fresher throbbing
what's missing in the fall
verdant gardens barred

i'm seeing blurred faces
hearing the soft pitter-patter
on my windshield
the myriad of memories
burning home the truth.
when i found Him i could
lay my hopes on His
strong shoulders and know
rain comes and goes
His love endures all heartache
those buried dreams
missing in colder days
waiting behind a gate
i've yet to walk through
still ahead

so bring on the drops
i'm laughing precipitously
the day will come
when all is made clear

12 February 2017

the scent of spring

it's a well-worn descriptor of the time of year
when the cherry blossoms abound and all
the world seems fresh and new and the
mountains tower up grand and sudden as
though the earth had burst open and thrust
their snowy peaks into being just yesterday
when in reality they hide always behind the
usual smoggy air except in spring when the
of their freshly anointed heights shines bright
and the world smells like life in all its dirty
growing with fresh earth and smoky leaves
the time when winter shakes off the darkness
and the sun runs north again and things seem
possible even though they were buried some
months ago it's coming now closer and with
expectation that dreams can come true as
His voice calls forth breath and drinking deep
the world begins to spin right side up
as smells, sights, sounds of hope come out
and gratitude wells up within that another
year is starting full of endless memories to
be made but most of all full of now when
He can be known and adored and all will
be well as the journey starts today with

13 November 2016

harvest moon

it's coming up yonder
up slow through the pine
it's glowing and beaming
i wish it were mine
it's shining its light
over lovers and liars
it's steady and peaceful
whatever transpires
it's big and it's solid
though so far up high
my insides go soft
as i gaze to the sky
it's wrapping the world
in its blanket of glow
as it reflects sun's glory
i'm reminded i know
it's certain as tides
coming in going out
all bowing to One
in control beyond doubt
it's coming up yonder
bringing hope in its wake
as i lay my head down
such comfort i take

05 November 2016


down the lane
the tree-lined lane
the future comes
at varying speeds
if i run it comes
quickly as a fox
if i stroll it comes
quickly as a fox
i cannot stop it
as the trees whiz by
it comes regardless
qué será será
and i
lonely little i
i must choose
if my steps are slow
or if i run to meet it
sometimes i look left
but i cannot leave
sometimes i glimpse
the sun shining through
i must look straight
face my fears
with hope
down the lane
the tree-lined lane

22 October 2016

twilight in the park

the light grows dim
it's almost dark
the people all
have left the park

so i am left
alone at last
to face the truth
my time has past

you did not come
your seat is cold
my youthful dreams
have now grown old

i've loved and lost
and hoped in vain
that you would come
around again

the eleventh hour
is drawing nigh
perhaps it's time
to say goodbye

these human eyes
but see in part
perhaps those words
confused my heart

if you're still there
beyond my sight
come quickly love
before the night

then teach me how
to trust anew
that all He said
will yet come true